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How professional networks suffered during the pandemic, and what’s next?

Nick Petrie and Phil Willburn led us through a discussion and touched on important questions like: What have you noticed about your own network and relationships during the last 12 months? What changed about who you were connected with? And, how deep were your connections?

As the floor was opened up for discussion, a variety of answers came forward. One person stated how their network expanded at the beginning of the pandemic, and when they noticed that the pandemic wasn’t going away anytime soon, their group became smaller and more selective. They mentioned that if they were to take the Leader Network Diagnostic (LND) at this point, their network would be dangerously closed. Another audience member said that his network opened up a lot during the pandemic, especially with the help of tools like Zoom, but his deeper connections were not as nurtured.

Phil then informed us on how people analytics and insights on the workforce became a top priority for organizations around the world. This was due to a variety of factors:

  • health and well-being purposes
  • productivity issues 
  • safety 
  • burnout
  • functioning of the organization

The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the culture of organizations. According to research, people feel less connected to their teams, even though they are spending more time with the same handful of people. Employees desire greater career growth but feel there is the lack of support within the organization. 

Professional ties were the primary source for new opportunities in their careers and at this time, they have ceased to exist.
Check out the full webinar to learn more about how the Leader Network Diagnostic (LND) can help you and your organization overcome these challenges. https://vimeo.com/568541051

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